Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 14 Visit to Rainbow Squares

A square of us had a wonderful evening with a group dinner out followed by the Rainbow Squares spring wind-up dance, and we again celebrated Brent's 50th birthday. We had also enjoyed celebrating Brent's birthday at the Swinging Singles on Tuesday night. 

The theme of the dance was Around the World in 120 Minutes and Barbara's hot air balloon skirt was a great hit. Happily, Tom and Bea rescheduled Bea's birthday dinner so they could join us.
  Amanda cued, fresh from her victory at the Teen Festival as the highest level Champion Cuer and Caller.  The Senior Calling Champion trophy is back in the Mawdsley household, 31 years since Brent last won it.  Megan won as Junior Cueing Champion and she and her partner were the Pre-Teen Round Dance Champions.

Bob and Barbara

Maryanne and Joe


Tom and Bea

Bel, Ron and Therese

Daphne and Chuck


Brent showing off his moves in his new hat

Oh, wait, maybe this one is Brent in his new hat

See you on the dance floor, hopefully before September.


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