Saturday, September 3, 2016

Brent's Weekend at Circle 8 Ranch

Two squares of Brent's Bunch went to Circle 8 Ranch last weekend for Brent Mawdsley & Scott Coon's Mainstream weekend.  They called a wonderful dance.  Unfortunately Linda had a fall and hit her head, sustaining a concussion, and she spent the night in the local hospital.  She went home on schedule but recovery will take some time.  Other than that clear exception, we had a great time getting together as a group, enjoying our Brent and explaining that yes, we really are a club, we're not just a bunch of Brent's groupies (or are we?)  Next year is Brent's 25th year calling at Circle 8 and we hope to have an even bigger group there to celebrate with him and his family.  Thanks to Rob and Abe for providing the photos.

 Abe at left; Bel, John and Barbara at right

Therese and Brent, Barbara and Bob

 Cowboy hat, new burgundy shirt?  Must be Chuck

Barbara and Bob, Joe and Maryanne

Brent and Scott re-enact a Sinatra and Elvis duet at the after-party
 Scott grabs a photo while John, Betty, Lew and Don prepare to compete in A Minute to Win It

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