Saturday, December 1, 2018


Press here to link to the train dance photos.  

Thanks Brent for the awesome train dance!  Wouldn’t you agree, Brent is the Greatest train “caller” conductor around!   Great songs and great dancing!   Anyone remember the all aboard move?   Was it turn left a step, left a step.... or was it turn right a step, right a step.  Turns out it really didn’t matter as we ended up in the same spot!   Nice to see so many guests attend the event and dancing with Brent’s Bunch!   Come again!

Thank you to all the train dance event organizers! 
Dave & Jenny, Chuck & Daphne – you kicked off the dance with getting us all in the whistle-blowing train dance theme with the great train decor! 

Therese – our friendly train ticket master

Ralph & Jennifer our host couple... great job with the food, especially the pepper veggie train!  

Daphne as always, exquisite train cake and train cookies.  A true labour of love that we all enjoy devouring.

Chuck & Daphne, Doug & Susan –  thanks for the thoughtful door prizes  

Linda – our 50/50 gal!  Thanks!

Thanks to everyone else who pitched in to help in one way or other.  

TooT a Loo!        

Debra  (train photographer)
Brent's Bunch Square Dancing

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