Thursday, February 14, 2019

Brent's Bunch Feb 14 - CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW

Hi Brent's Bunch,  

Thank you for your feedback.  Comments have been mixed; however, although it looks OK now, based on weather forecasts this morning with snow & freezing rain predicted to start this afternoon through the evening causing slippery driving conditions depending on elevation, I think is is better to stay safe than be sorry or stressed out due to the travel conditions.  Therefore, I have CANCELLED the dance and the Burnaby Lake Pavilion for tonight Feb 14.  

We will have a post Valentines dance next Thursday Feb 21 and I've got a new Valentines song to share with you, plus many more.

The Burnaby Lake Pavilion is available Thursday evening, May 2.  Could you let me know if you would like to extend our season to May 2 to make up for the snow day?

Stay safe and warm and Happy Valentines Day.  See you next week. 

Best Regards,


On Wed, 13 Feb 2019 at 20:48, Brent Mawdsley <> wrote:
Hi Brent's Bunch,

I just wanted to take and poll and see how you were feeling about driving to the hall tomorrow night.  

Could you reply to me individually and let me know if you think we should CANCEL or DANCE Feb 14?

I'll see what the response is, check with the hall & weather report tomorrow morning and let you all know if we will cancel or dance.


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