Saturday, September 7, 2019

Circle 8 Ranch 2019

We had a great time at Brent Mawdsley and Scott Coon's weekend at Circle 8 Ranch August 23 - 25, and here are photos to prove it!  (Press photo for clearer image.)

Barbara, Bob, Bel, Ron, Maryanne, Debra, Joe, Greg

Brent and Scott keeping us entertained

Barbara and Bel shopping
Rosalie & David and Debra & Greg of Town 'N' Country

Barbara and Bob
Chuck enjoying bocce

Phil, Bette & Maryanne watch Bel measure

Brent and Darcy with top of Rosalie's hat

Serious business, this Cheeto identification!

Callers perform bocce ballet

Seven RVers Camping we chorus in turn

Jean, Pete, Lew & Oren (our happy hour hosts) of Rainbow Squares

Scott's daughter Colleen entertains us while callers change eras
Willie & Julio adjust their equipment

Brent and Scott continue in great form to the end!

Joe, Ron, Bel, Debra, Greg, Maryanne, Jenny, Dave prepare to head home
The participation trophy has been updated...

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