Friday, December 15, 2023

Brent’s Bunch Spring 2024 Sessions – New Location and Who’s In?

Hi Brent's Bunch Members & Regular Guests,

As we've mentioned at the dances, the Burnaby Lake Pavilion is being renovated in 2024 so is no longer available.  We have been looking for a new hall in Burnaby on Thursday nights for several months and have appreciated all the suggestions we have received.  Therese has checked them all out and they were either not available on Thursdays or significantly more expensive. 

The best option we have found is the Alan Emmott Centre, 6650 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby.  This is a beautiful facility with dance floor, run by the City of Burnaby and the rate is very reasonable. 

Here are some photos from




Chuck Sheehan was kind enough to also check it out and put together this flyer with more details which he has provided at our last few dances.  Thanks Chuck.  

Please share this information with your square dance friends and invite them to visit us at our new hall on Thursdays starting January 11, 2024.  

We will maintain the current schedule of doors open at 7:15pm, with Plus dancing with rounds from 7:30pm – 9:15pm.  

We have the following 13 Thursday evenings booked:

Session #

Thursday Date

Spring 01

Jan 11, 2024

Spring 02

Jan 18, 2024

Spring 03

Jan 25, 2024

Spring 04

Feb 01, 2024


Feb 08, 2024

Spring 05

Feb 15, 2024

Spring 06

Feb 22, 2024

Spring 07

Feb 29, 2024


Mar 07, 2024

Spring 08

Mar 14, 2024

Spring 09

Mar 21, 2024

Spring 10

Mar 28, 2024

Spring 11

Apr 04, 2024


Apr 11, 2024

Spring 12

Apr 18, 2024

Spring 13

Apr 25, 2024


Could you please let me know if you:

A.      would like to join Brent's Bunch for the Spring session as a pre-paid, sustaining, member for the dates above and a nightly fee less than the visitor rate, or


B.      would prefer to visit Brent's Bunch when you can and pay by the night


C.      would attend Brent's Bunch dances if they were held on a Monday night &/or a Wednesday night (just in case we look for alternate halls to know what days would be most popular)

When I hear from most people, I'll confirm the schedule and fees. 

Therese and I look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you at Brent's Bunch Christmas party dance this Thursday, Dec 14. 


Please contact us if you have any questions.

For updates on the square dances, events & music I'm involved in please like & follow and check out my new website in progress


Best Regards,


Home Phone: 604-594-8622


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